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March, 20th 2015 Partial Solar Eclipse

Partial Solar Eclipses are astronomical events visible on the Earth surface when the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth, but they don't align in a perfectly straight line. Because of this, the Moon only partially covers the Sun's disc.

Photovoltaic Power plant are obviously very sensitive to changes in light intensity. Last March 20th, 2015 we had a partial solar eclipse in Italy. This picture shows how SmartSUN service detect the astronimical event just measuring the electrical power production on a 2MWp Photovoltaic plant located in Carinaro (CE), mid-south of Italy. Thanks to the few clouds it's clearly visible the effect of moon shadow (see red circle) on the electrical power production.

How SmartPOWER detect early failures

SmartPOWER monitors coninuously the power line parameters of electrical energy flowing into power line.

In the picture above we can see an electrical engine turning on and off. The electrical engine has an apparent power of slightly less than 200VA and it's poor power factor is corrected by a capacitor that compensate the engine coils inductance. However everytime the engine starts there's a current peak (see blue circles where the current peak is due to capacitor charge when engine turns on) that means the capacitor is going to have breakdown.

SmartSOCKET PCB Routing at CAD Workstation

SmartSUN detect Solar Inverter resuming operation

SmartSOCKET inside view behind the enclosure

SmartNODE DIN, anatomy view

Power Engineering interview at EnergyMED 2015

L.De Magistris, Naples Mayor visiting our stand in EnergyMED 2015

Our stand in EnergyMED 2015

SmartPOWER Line Analyzer waveforms

Power Analyzer functions inside SmartPOWER are powerfull tools when you need to find the root cause of a failure on a power line distribution harness.

The picture above was taken from a SmartPOWER device (SmartSOCKET) conencted to a big and faulty Switching Mode Power Supply system of an ICT device (Server). You can see the current waveform distorsion (the red curve) as compared to the voltage waveform (the blue curve). The distorsion in current waveform is caused by non-linear loads such us switching power supplies, in extreme cases a distorted waveform could bring to an early fault of the most delicate equipment on the line.

Interview at EnergyMED-2015

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RAI3 TV interview

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Power Engineering interview

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SmartPOWER website intro

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Power Engineering info

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